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Funerals in the Internet Age

A recent blog by Elaine Blades discussed some of the succession issues arising from recent developments in reproductive technologies. 

As a recent article in the New York Times demonstrates, the modern funeral service is also not immune from the relentless progression of the technological age.

One of the first responsibilities of the executors of a deceased person is to make burial and funeral arrangements.  Although funeral services are often steeped in tradition, the New York Times article describes a recent trend of making private funerals available online by means of webcast. 

Although online viewing of public funerals of famous persons has become somewhat of the norm in recent years, the article describes how webcasts are now being used for private funeral services to allow mourners who are unable to attend in person to participate by means of the internet.

Although the idea of a webcast of a private funeral may seem unusual to many people, the article describes how the technology has allowed, for example, the military colleagues of a marine who died in Afghanistan to watch his funeral even though it took place in the United States and they were still stationed overseas.

Ultimately this article demonstrates that as technology advances, issues that would have been unimaginable in the past will need to be considered as part of the estate administration process.

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