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A Guide to Fundraising Organizations in Canada

“There is [however] more to making a bequest than spelling the name of the charity correctly”. So states my associate, Malcolm Burrows, in his article “Charity Checklist”, published in the 2011-12 Canadian Donor’s Guide  (the Guide).

For those not familiar with the Guide (which is sponsored by Scotia Private Client Group), its publisher, Anderson Charters, defines the Guide’s purpose as: “to provide an authoritative annual directory to fundraising organizations in Canada”.

With an expanded Editorial Section, the Guide meets and exceeds its purpose. In addition to Malcolm’s article which provides a due diligence checklist to help make your, or your client’s legacy gift “more effective, prudent and personally meaningful”, the Guide contains a number of other articles and opinion pieces running the gamut from providing practical tips and advice on effective charitable planning and giving (“Charitable Donations: A Summary of  Tax Considerations, by James M. Parks; “Charitable Planning Options”, by Joshua E. Thorne, “Causes and Charities, Make Sure Your Wishes Ae Carried Out”, by Lauren Storer)

to debate on the merits of “Social Enterprise” and a call for advocacy.

If you want to learn more about the increasingly relevant, albeit increasingly complex area of charitable planning and giving, or you just want to ensure you avoid a court applicaton by correctly naming your charity, I commend you to the Guide.

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