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A Gift is a Gift

We often write about the benefits (and some pitfalls) of gifting, before and after death. Personally, when I recommend gifting, I assume that unless there are specific outcomes required to realize on the gift, a gift is exactly that, a gift – something transferred voluntarily without expectation of getting it…

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The Times Are A Changing and Our Laws & Policies Should Too

Further to my colleague Diane Vieira’s March 15, 2017  blog, in which she summarized the Law Commission of Ontario report on legal capacity, decision-making and guardianship in Ontario, I wanted to highlight some key recommendations that I found to be particularly relevant. Over the last while, I have noticed a…

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Which medical professionals can certify on a Disability Tax Credit Certificate (“Form T2201”), that an individual has a severe and prolonged impairment in physical or mental functions? Can a registered oral surgeon or other oral specialist, licensed to be so by a provincial body be considered to be a medical…

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Principal residence exemption – renting to a child

The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) was asked if a taxpayer’s property designated as his “principal residence” but rented and lived in by his son continued to qualify as his “principal residence” for the purpose of claiming a principal residence exemption to shelter a gain from personal tax.

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Principal Residence – Duplex or Intergenerational House

The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) was asked if a duplex occupied by a taxpayer and her aging parent could be treated as the daughter’s taxpayer “principal residence” for the purpose of claiming the principal residence exemption from the capital realized on the sale of the duplex at a later date.

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Recognize, Reject and Report!

March is fraud prevention month.  Fraud is an equal opportunity crime. Fraud targets individuals of all ages, ethnicities and walks of life.  Businesses large and small can also fall victim.  That being said, seniors are particularly vulnerable.  Fraud is the leading type of crime experienced by older Canadians. According to…

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Power of Attorney Terminated Despite No Misconduct

When a dispute arises inside a blended family over who will make substitute decisions for in incapable person, the court may have to step in. In Corewyn v McCulloch, 2015 ONSC 6039, Justice Sweeny appointed the incapable person’s daughter as her guardian, despite the existence of a valid power of…

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Unpacking the Past

As regular readers of this blog – along with anyone whose profession touches upon any aspect of estate planning and/or administration – know, the discipline is equal parts art and science. Given the credentials of, and work performed by, most contributors to this blog, the technical aspects receive the lion’s share…

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June is Ontario Brain Injury Awareness Month

June is Ontario Brain Injury Awareness Month. Seniors are the 2nd highest risk group for sustaining a traumatic brain injury (TBI)after male teenagers. What does this mean?

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