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Today is Election Day

Today is election day across Canada.  Voter turnout in the 2015 election for Canadians 65 and older was 83%.  We have a voice and one that needs to be heard and yes, we can make a difference.

Like many readers of today’s blog,  I am a baby boomer and what I used to consider to be ‘old’ is no longer so.  My close friend who is healthy and active and with whom I golfed this past weekend is turning 75.  Is that old?  To me, the answer is ‘no’ but I guess it depends on your perspective.

The work I do with seniors has always focused on their needs both today and tomorrow. So looking ahead at what some of the most critical issues that I see that need to be addressed include things like:

  • Access to timely health care (both for general care, access to specialists and wait times for surgery)
  • An income level that allows seniors to live well
  • Better ways to support caregivers- perhaps a caregiver allowance
  • Access to affordable housing and multigenerational housing options
  • Access to long term care facilities that exceed minimum levels of care standards and have a proper ratio of staff to residents and continued funding  so they are not places of ‘last resort’
  • Better (and affordable) community based supports that offer personal and respite care
  • A dementia strategy that supports both the client and their families to lead lives that are inclusive and respectful
  • An elder abuse prevention program that can truly address these issues before a crisis hits
  • Pharmacare

This is a wish list and one that I know will not all come true. However  today is election day and each federal party has made some election promises. To help you make an informed decision I am linking to the October 17, 2019 publication by the National Institute on Aging which succinctly outlines the various party platforms on senior’s issues. READ MORE  

Let’s see what tomorrow brings…..



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