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Individual Pension Plans Revisited (Again) – What about Pension Transfers?

When a member of an employer sponsored pension plan ceases employment, the member may receive a lump sum payment for the commuted value of their pension rights, exposing that member to a significant tax bill, as only a limited amount of the payment can be transferred to an RRSP. There…

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Planning For The ‘Unknown’.

We all know someone who has taken ill or has been critically injured. No one expects that life as they know it can change drastically from one moment to the next. How can you plan for the ‘unknown’?

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The ‘Sister Act’

As we are living longer, more and more of us will find ourselves alone and without family. And yes, it is possible that a financial institution as POA can be your best support.

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A new take on the ‘granny suite’

With the sky high price of housing in many provinces, families may be looking for residential alternatives. Shipping containers coming to your city soon.

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How Can Employers Assist and Retain Their Older Employees?

Retirement and the older worker, what can employers do to help?

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