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Estate Donations of Private Company Shares

One of the concerns about the “estate donation” rules when they were introduced in 2016 is illiquid property would be harder to donate and administer. Perhaps the most challenging type of illiquid property is private company shares. Five years of experience with the system has validated some concerns and produced…

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Pipeline planning and the dangers of subsection 84(2)

In 1789, Benjamin Franklin, one of the founding fathers of the United States Constitution, provided the world with this great quote, “nothing is certain except death and taxes”. In 2021, John Oakey, the founding father of three Oakey children, is providing the world (or at least anyone reading this blog)…

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Estate Donations & Non-Qualifying Securities

Since the announcement of the “estate donation” rules in the 2014 Federal Budget, there have been a number of amendments that have addressed sector concerns and drafting errors.   One unintended consequence in the original estate donation provisions relates to gifts of private company shares. At the June 2015 STEP conference…

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Donations involving Private Company Shares & Real Estate

The announcement in the 2015 Federal Budget that capital gains would be eliminated on donations involving private company shares and real estate was short on detail. As a result the measure, which would be effective beginning 2017, was not passed by Parliament. In mid-summer, the Department of Finance released the…

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