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Living alone, being lonely and the perils of isolation.

We already know that loneliness is a major debilitating cause of  health decline in seniors. Over the years I have blogged about the challenge of seniors living on their own, without a support network.  During this pandemic, the isolation and separateness of everyone was very difficult on all us. However…

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Ending Loneliness, A Spare Bedroom and A Shortage of Affordable Housing

June is Senior’s month in Canada. As you know we have more seniors living than young people under age 15 and even though numbers are high, seniors often find themselves alone and unfortunately for many, they are lonely.  I have  previously blogged about the appointment of the British Minister for Loneliness…

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Lessons Learnt from Children: Making A New Friend

I had previously blogged on the state of loneliness and the efforts being made in the UK with the creation of a Minister of Loneliness. We know that this is also a huge problem in own backyard and one that we continue to need to be aware of. My colleague…

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Do You Have a BFF?

As Carol King so aptly wrote in 1971 “when you are down and troubled and need a helping hand…( sing along here as I am sure you know the lyrics)…you’ve got a friend, …ain’t it good to know you’ve got a friend”? Everybody needs a friend, regardless of age and…

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