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Can Section 3 Counsel be Summoned for Examination?

Successfully summoning counsel of record for examination is typically a difficult task, and a motion to quash will often be brought after a summons is served on counsel for one of the parties. Case law in is clear that, generally, calling a lawyer to give evidence against their client should…

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Clearance Certificates

An executor, as the legal representative of the estate, is required to obtain a clearance certificate before distributing property that they control. Where the executor fails to obtain a clearance certificate, they are liable for any unpaid amounts in respect of any property distributed. Some will argue that not every…

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Where have all the sensible litigants gone?

As a lawsuit winds its way through the courts, more often than not procedural disputes pop up – timetables, disclosure obligations, the scope of examinations of witnesses: these are all areas ripe for disagreements between counsel (and often little understood by clients). The courts generally expect counsel to sort these…

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Supreme Court Blesses Henson Trusts

The Supreme Court of Canada has given its blessing to Henson Trusts (fully discretionary trusts set up to not impact the beneficiary’s social assistance benefits) in S.A. v. Metro Vancouver Housing Corp., 2019 SCC 4. I previously blogged about this case when it was before the Court of Appeal. The…

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Chapter Two in the Family Farm Saga

The case of John the Farmer (which I had previously blogged about) is now under appeal. John  is seeking to overturn the ruling that he had to vacate the family farm so it could be sold on the open market. A judge rejected John’s request to stay the lower court’s…

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Determining the CAPITAL DIVIDEND ACCOUNT BALANCE: no longer a shot in the dark?

The capital dividend account (“CDA”) is a tax free surplus account within a private corporation which gives shareholders designated capital dividends, tax-free. The CDA typically contains the non-taxable portion of the company’s capital gains net of capital losses, capital gains received by other companies, proceeds of life insurance on death…

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A recent Alberta Court of Queen’s Bench decision in Morrison v. Morrison 2015 CarswellAlta 2249 (Alta.Q.B.) reminds advisors and clients alike of (i) the need to consider the income tax consequences of not only their overall estate plan, but components within it, and (ii) the importance of stating intention expressly and directly, particularly when one child may be benefitted more so than other children. The facts in Morrison were not unusual nor is the fact that, despite the relatively modest dollar amounts involved, the matter went to trial – an unfortunate result for all concerned.

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Family Holiday and Family Strife – Kissing Cousins?

Justin de Vries shares his Yuletide musings on family conflict and the inevitability of litigation.

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Power of Attorney Terminated Despite No Misconduct

When a dispute arises inside a blended family over who will make substitute decisions for in incapable person, the court may have to step in. In Corewyn v McCulloch, 2015 ONSC 6039, Justice Sweeny appointed the incapable person’s daughter as her guardian, despite the existence of a valid power of…

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