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Neuroimaging and Capacity

Neuroimaging and Dementia
Technology has increasingly allowed us to peek into the brain, and medical professionals, scientists, lawyers, and laypeople increasingly form opinions of what these images tell us. When it comes to understanding the human mind, humans are more likely to trust brain imaging data as more authoritative and credible than behavioural data.

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Court Set Asides a Release and Orders a Passing of Accounts

An estate trustee may decide to forego passing their accounts because of the associated costs and seek a release from the estate’s beneficiaries instead. However, when the capacity of a beneficiary is in question, a  release may be set aside. In Foisey v. Green, the Public Guardian and Trustee (“PGT”)…

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Interrelation of Family Law and Estate Planning

With many couples, one or both spouses have had previous marriages or common law relationships. For many reasons, these couples’ estate planning instructions are not usually the traditional “all to my spouse with a gift over to my issue”, and clients should understand how their estat planning decisions may be impacted by family law.

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