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Cats, the T.S. Eliot Estate and the Gift that May Save the Brontes’ House

Earlier this year, my colleague Justin de Vries blogged about the post-mortem release of dueling love letters from T.S. Eliot and his friend/inamorata Emily Hale. However, there is now a happier news story regarding the impact of Mr. Eliot from beyond the grave. The Bronte Parsonage, in England, is a…

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Chaos caused by Gifting

This Blog was written by: Alicia Godin, Estate and Trust Consultant, Scotiatrust “A jealous son sues his desirous and spoiled younger brother and his beleaguered and over-his-head uncle about the spoils of the estate of his late mother.” Working in the area of estate planning and estate administration offers a…

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Life Insurance Gifts Restructured

Life insurance is an effective way to make a significant future donation, but the unfortunate reality is that charitable policies have a high lapse rate.  Thousands of policies have been donated since 1979 when the Canada Revenue Agency allowed premiums to be receipted.  Sadly too few pay out to fund…

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Abatement: What to do if there are insufficient assets in the estate to follow the testators wishes; a cautionary tale

A review of abatement and how it can affect estate planning.

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