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New Stats Canada Data on Caregivers in Canada

Statistic Canada last week (January 8, 2020) released some data from the 2018 General Social Survey (GSS)on Caregivers in Canada (Cycle 32).  It is based on information obtained from 7664 respondents who provided care to a ‘family member or friend with a long-term health condition, a physical or mental disability…

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The Balancing Act Continues

Labour Day signifies back to school and for many parents, having their children return to school is a great relief. However for many of those ‘sandwiched’ between working full time and providing caregiving assistance to older family members, a return to school may mean less time for themselves. Helping with…

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A Day Like Any Other….Life Interrupted

We all move through our day generally knowing what to expect. However what about when the phone rings and it is the hospital with news about your parent? What will you do?

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The Hidden Patient

Did you see Steve Paiken’s The Agenda and their show on The Hidden Patient? A few reminders: there are 6 million working caregivers in Canada which means that 35% of working Canadians are caregivers. Twenty percent of working caregivers have health issues. Employers have to do a better job of understanding the role of being a caregiver and realize that their most important asset- their employees- need help to be able to focus on their job. Win – Win. We know that family caregivers are stressed. They worry and they also feel guilty.

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