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Senior Man Falls Victim to Online Romance Scam

Romance scams are among the top reported scams based on total dollar loss, and seniors are particularly susceptible to these types of scams. Unfortunately, the late Robert Hogg fell victim to a romance scam, which was not discovered until after his death. The facts can be found in the CBC…

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Living to 99 and Words of Wisdom

Last week, I had the pleasure of celebrating my oldest client’s birthday. She turned 99. We share the same name and she is often inspiration in my day to day work. She and her 94 year old sister live together, have never married and have no other family, other than…

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Your mom is being discharged….tomorrow.

Hospitals may not be good places for sick people but where are they to go? One of the most distressing types of calls we receive are from families who have been told by the hospital that their loved one will be discharged…..tomorrow.

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Granny Dumping- continued….

Granny dumping’, not so lovingly defined as elderly people being abandoned by relatives or others in emergency departments, is happening close to home. What a sad comment on our society today and ultimately, ourselves. I believe that how we treat our elders is an indication of how we as a society are faring. We are not doing well.

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The ‘Sister Act’

As we are living longer, more and more of us will find ourselves alone and without family. And yes, it is possible that a financial institution as POA can be your best support.

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So What Is Elder Law Anyway?

The progress of elder law in Canada remains slow in face of a certain amount of healthy scepticism. Is elder law a ‘real’ area of law or just a new way to market legal services to older adults and their families?

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What Do Dependants’ Support, Gratuitous Promises and Kiwis Have in Common?

New Zealand may be thanked for our dependants’ support legislation, says Professor David Freedman. What kind of support claims will bedevil our courts in the future?

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