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Looking forward to living a long life…….

It is still Alzheimers Awareness Month and for those of you who have been following my blogs for the last many years, dementia awareness is very important to me. On October 31 2022, my colleague Sasha Adler blogged about the Canadian Dementia Strategy and shared CanAge’s report card. Today I…

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Developing An Ontario Specific Dementia Strategy

Fact: -one in three adults over age 85 will develop dementia -260,000 Ontarians currently live with dementia – most people living with dementia ( like all of us) prefer to remain in their community and out of long term care homes -Supporting aging in place (for all Canadians) will reduce …

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An Innovative Dementia-Friendly Community

I recently attended a symposium presented by the Canadian Research Network for Care in the Community.  The topic was “Living Well With Dementia: Toward Dementia-Friendly Policy”.      Two European presenters including  Henk Nies, from Amsterdam and Eckart Schnabel from Berlin discussed their care standards for Persons Living With Dementia (PLWD). Dr….

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