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Some American Thanksgivng Day Advice

I love the traditions of the American Thanksgiving Day holiday – spending time with family and friends, enjoying a great food and watching football. In the lead-up to Thanksgiving, the American papers are filled with all kinds of tips on how to prepare for and enjoy the big day. Whether folks are battling chaos at the airport trying to get home or struggling to defrost a turkey in record time, there is advice to help.

Here is some advice in the form of a to do and not to do list.

I will start with what to-do. If you have not discussed your estate plan with your adult children, a family get together provides a great opportunity to start the conversation. All too often, it’s easier not to talk about Wills, estate planning and medical directives. Perhaps it is better to think about it from a different perspective. Our loved ones and our children will feel reassured and thankful to know a plan is in place. Also, remember that a plan should be re-visited regularly to ensure it is up-to-date and reflects the current tax regime, when necessary.

Now, turning to what not to do. Stay away from some of the more exotic Jones colas, offered during the American holiday seasons. The beverage company, Jones, has a history of offering exotic cola flavours each year. One of their more unusual concoctions was a Thanksgiving Holiday pack which included cola flavours such as brussel sprouts and turkey with gravy.

And finally another to do on American Thanksgiving day. If you can only watch one football game on Thanksgiving Day, I suggest watching the Vikings vs. the Lions, which may be the closest match of the day, at least on paper.




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