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Move Over-the power of love and keeping memories alive.

As we start summer and on this first Monday of July, I thought I would share a good news story.  There has been so much pain and suffering over the last while, that I think sometimes we need to hear more positive stories- of all types.

This good news comes from CBC and it is a good old fashion love story- with a twist.

It is a story about Charlie Comrie, a 96 year old WW II vet who was a primary caregiver to the love of his life, Anna, who died in in 2019. Anna had dementia and for 19 years, Charlie loved and looked after her. In her early days of the diagnosis, they would travel to Newfoundland and Labrador. They loved to visit Plate Cove West and would stay at the same Bed and Breakfast. They become friendly with the owners and if you have every been lucky enough to visit Newfoundland, well you know how friendly and welcoming everyone is.

Sadly Anna passed away  in 2019 and after Covid’s first difficult wave, he returned to visit Newfoundland in the fall of 2021. He was greeted warmly and decided this was going to be his last chapter. Charlie and his trusty Nova Scotian retriever, Shiloh moved to Plate Cove West, a village of about 170 people so that he could feel closer to Anna and be in a place that they loved together. So at age 96, Charlie is enjoying another chapter in his life. He is one of the lucky ones- love- truly a wonderful thing- at any age….. and enjoying his days amongst friends in a beautiful part of Canada.

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