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Celebrating New Beginnings

Last Monday was Labour Day which signifies back to school and end of summer. It is a time of new beginnings, setting goals and starting new projects.

Today is the first day of the Jewish New Year, another fresh start for those who celebrate. For many who may not attend synagogue, it may still be recognized and celebrated with family sitting down together for a festive dinner. Traditions continue and are past down from generation to generation. For some it is a favorite recipe that has been shared. For those with dementia, familiar food, song and stories can bring calm and happiness.

In my day to day work with families, I see love and care but I also see hurt and even hatred. For feuding families I wonder if this might be a good time to put aside differences and recognize how important family is.
Holidays can also be a difficult time, especially when there has been a death of a loved one over the previous year. It is during the holidays when I believe their absence is felt stronger than ever. An empty chair at the table can be felt very strongly.

I have always looked forward to September as I too start new projects and set new goals. Thanks for the opportunity of sharing a few thoughts of gratitude on this Monday morning. Happy New Year/Shana Tova

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