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Creating a “Cottage Family”

The longer days and (occasionally) sunny skies remind us that cottage season is once again almost upon us.  A source of great pleasure, the family cottage can also be a source of great angst in the context of estate planning.  While often not the largest asset in an estate from…

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Taming the Cottage Gremlins with a Non-Profit Organization

This Blog was written by Carol Willes, One of our family’s favourite pastimes at the cottage is to build a roaring campfire and spend the evenings telling stories, singing along to guitar tunes and roasting the occasional marshmallow. Every so often, however, some unwelcome visitors show up and crash our…

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Principal residence exemption and fire loss

The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) was asked to comment on the availability of the principal residence exemption (PRE) when a previously occupied property is destroyed by fire and a decision is made to sell the property in a later year. The taxpayer purchased a house in 2010 which was ordinarily inhabited…

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Principal residence and the change in use

It is not unusual for find the value of a deceased’s home makes up a significant part of their net worth and estate value on death. Often there is an automatic reliance on the principal residence exemption to tax exempt the gain on the deemed sale triggered on death.  What…

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There is no place like home – time to report it!

Until recently, an individual selling his or her “principal residence” did not have to report anything on their tax return for the year of disposition. This is about to change.

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Principal Residence Exemption and some of the “What if’s”

In my last blog, I wrote about the role of “beneficial” ownership in the determination of whether a property qualifies for the principal residence exemption. With an acknowledgment to Keith Masterman of “”, I thought I would take the opportunity to write about some other “what if’s” and how the…

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Feelings not enough in cottage fight

You have an emotional connection to your late grandfather’s cottage. Your mother and your grandfather’s estate trustees hate each other. You don’t think that they will treat you fairly if you want to buy the cottage. Is this sufficient reason to remove the estate trustees? The Ontario Superior Court of…

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Principal residence exemption – renting to a child

The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) was asked if a taxpayer’s property designated as his “principal residence” but rented and lived in by his son continued to qualify as his “principal residence” for the purpose of claiming a principal residence exemption to shelter a gain from personal tax.

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Costly Cottage Dispute – $403,174.85 in Legal Costs Sought in Dispute Over $300,000 Cottage

At long last, cottage season is upon us. As I gaze longingly out my window at the construction of what looks like an awesome rooftop patio in the making, I thought it would be fitting to write about a cottage dispute.[1] A really, really expensive cottage dispute. The background was…

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