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The $100 Million Executor Fee: Unexpected but not Unreasonable

This blog was written by Paula Lester – Estate and Trust Consultant with Scotia Wealth Management When the four executors of Leona Helmsley’s $5 billion estate asked for payment of $100 million for their services, it was touted as being astronomical by the challenging Attorney General. Still, Manhattan Surrogate’s Court…

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Finally, A Nice Passing of Accounts

Passings of accounts can often be bitter and vicious. However, the case of Daniel Estate (Re), 2019 ONSC 2790 was a welcome “good news” alternative to the standard slugfest. Linda and Ted cared for their elderly neighbours Isabel and Wayne for over two decades. The court noted that their relationship…

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My Best Interests, and Yours Too?

The recent case of Tarantino v. Galvano, 2017 ONSC 3535, raises a variety of issues familiar to estate litigators – powers of attorney, capacity, quantum meruit claims, the duty to account and the rules surrounding the removal of an estate’s executor. In this case the deceased, Rosa Filippo Galvano (“Rosa”) had…

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Friends Helping Friends – Then Forgetting About It

When asking a friend for a financial favour, people often fail to document their actions and decisions as thoroughly as they should – the trust people have in their friends frequently translates into a belief that they do not need to pay attention. Regardless of whether the trust was deserved,…

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A Caregiver’s Grief

Personal Support Workers can be feel more like family to the older person than their own children. Especially felt in the later years of life, their bond can be very strong. I wonder how often they are remembered in the Will?

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When the Best of Intentions becomes Financial Abuse

Should we be suspicious of friendly neighbours who offer a helping hand to a senior? What may start out innocently and with good intent does not always stay that way.

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Thank you to our caregivers

Showing care and concern, offering a kind word, a smile or hug, are the gifts that can make the difference. These gestures are the true gifts and are ours to give and they don’t cost any money

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Acting as (Unofficial) Attorney for Property

Power of attorney (“POA”) documents are a way of officially granting an agent (the “attorney”) the power to manage your affairs, most commonly your finances or personal care. POAs allow the attorney to step in and handle a wide variety of issues on your behalf, whether you (the “grantor”) anticipated…

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POA versus Executor Compensation

On Tuesday, September 29, I spoke at an OBA program entitled “The Family Business: Administration and Litigation of Trusts and Estates Holding Business Assets.” At the end of the program, there was an interesting discussion about the distinction between compensation for estate trustees and compensation for POAs or guardians of…

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