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The Giving Tree Becomes The Dying Tree

This blog is about the ‘D’ words: disease, decay, decline and death.   It is also about the death of my neighbour’s tree. What is the relationship of a dying tree to estates and trusts? I think the connection is about loss and emotions.

Our neighbour’s 100  plus year old tree had been ill over the last few years. Tree ‘physicians’ attended to it and gave it vitamins and nutrients. Unfortunately, to no avail. In its day it was magnificent. It provided a home for many (of the bird, squirrel and insect variety) as well as shade and shelter.

Over the last few years, its leaves did not grow as did its’ neighbours and what buds there were did not bloom. Another case of illness due to old age…… Its frailty was of concern to the neighbours and the city. They were concerned about a fall.  The tree falling and injuring people and property.  Witnessing its limbs being cut down was sad. It now stands as a shadow of its former self- a trunk alone without limbs.

Frailty, old age and the ‘D’ words: disease, decay, decline and ultimately death.
The journey is the same for all of us. I suppose the tree served as a reminder. Appreciate what you have while you have it because all too soon, it will be gone. Similarly, appreciate those around you and your aging loved ones, because they too will be gone, all too soon.

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