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The Wild West of Beneficial Ownership

This Blog was written by: Peter Meitanis WANTED: The Beneficial Owners of Real Estate in British Columbia If you’re a fan of movies about the Wild West, you’ll know that many plotlines revolve around a mysterious stranger coming to town. But in British Columbia, the mysterious strangers aren’t riding into…

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Frida Kahlo’s Barbie – Life in Plastic, Not so Fantastic

This Blog was written by: Peter Meitanis Here’s a question you never thought you would read in an estates blog: Where’s the unibrow? Last month, Mattel, the maker of Barbie introduced a group of new dolls based on real-life figures to celebrate International Women’s Day. The collection features inspiring women…

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Ready to Rumble: Law of Trusts vs. Law of Contracts

This Blog was written by : Peter Meitanis   In a battle that dates back to the Medieval Ages, two bitter rivals are back at it again. The location of the latest bout is British Columbia’s Court of Appeal. Get your popcorn ready folks. Trust law is out for blood,…

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