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About: Angelique's legal practice focuses on estate, trust, and capacity litigation. She frequently appears before the Ontario Superior Court of Justice and has also appeared before the Divisional Court. Angelique has written a variety of articles for continuing legal education events and newsletters, and recently co-authored, with Justin de Vries, a paper published by Irwin Law in the Law Society of Upper Canada's Special Lectures in Estates (2010).


Privacy Rights, Public Access and Sealing Orders

Thursday, October 22nd, 2015

Litigants in estates proceedings are sometimes concerned that sensitive and private information – though relevant to the court proceedings – will be made publicly available once filed with the court. Litigants may wonder whether that information can be kept “under wraps”. Indeed, our courts retain the ability to prevent information ...

Cat and Mouse with the Court is A Dangerous Game

Wednesday, September 7th, 2011

Clients usually want to know what happens when an opposing party does not follow a court order.  As can be seen in Estate of Paul Penna, imprisonment is a possibility, but the widely-held view has been that imprisonment is unlikely to be ordered in civil cases unless a finding of ...